Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daniel Arenas & Ana Brenda Relationship

Daniel Arenas, only a cordial relationship with Ana Brenda

Daniel Arenas says his relationship with his co-star in 'Untamed Heart', Ana Brenda, is labor only.
On the small screen, are the romantic couple in real life but Daniel Arenas and Ana Brenda Contreras is not friends, not rivals. 's comments alleged fights between the couple stellar telenovela Untamed Heart were not waiting, Arenas situation denied to La Opinion

Daniel Arenas & Ana Brenda

"We are not friends because not even have time to be because we're always recording but fortunately we got along well," he said by telephone from Mexico City. "She has a way of being, I have mine and everyone has their own character, but fortunately we've never had a problem, or a touch or a conflict. We are professionals and we know what we are. Important scenes when we get into the atmosphere of the story, "the Colombian actor. And although it is the first starring role of his career, he is on Mexican soil and said he knew very well that the management of this information in their profession. "That's part of this business. When they do the role, or you fall in love or put you in a fight, that's classic. Me with Anita, I know her since we recorded Teresa and although we work hard, we always had a good relationship. We have always been amazing, we have a wonderful chemistry you see on screen, “said. Even fictional couple described her as "a girl very professional, very talented woman other than how beautiful and is more in love than ever, is about to marry or already married", proving that friendship really have to ignore what the public knows. Ana Brenda married the matador Alejandro Amaya in Las Vegas in late April. After this clarification from the clubhouse forum number 7 number 3 of Televisa, Arenas spoke very briefly due to a fault call during a break from recording, but with great pride in his current role. "Octavio [Narvaez] is a human being like anyone wrong. At first it will be a villain but there is little to be villain but a human being who ever was in love without wanting know the woman of his life. That makes it more sensitive, less frivolous. Previously only cared travel the world, meets women, and enjoys life, 'enfiestarse', etc., "he said. Though Heart Cimarron is a rehash of the popular Marimar, starring Thalia and Eduardo Capetillo in 1994, Daniel Arenas defended his project focused on a wealthy young man who marries a young poor innocent on a whim and not for love.


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